Choose between the sea and countryside any choice is the right choice. Stay with us!
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A great network along the Alentejo and Vicentina Coast

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Herdade da Matinha

Herdade da Matinha is located in a magnificent valley, surrounded by Cercal Ridge, and offers 20 rooms in an absolutely irresistible (...)

Casas da Moagem

Just 18 km away from Santiago do Cacém and 15 km away from Alvalade, Casas da Moagem Rural Tourism, located at São Domingos (...)

Casa do Adro

In a quiet corner of Milfontes, Casa do Adro – an old house totally recovered – offers 6 double rooms carefully decorated (...)

Monte da Choça

Located between S. Teotónio and Odeceixe, this “monte” has 5 cottages, as a result of the restoration work done on (...)


Verdemar is a special country retreat, hidden away among stands of cork oaks in Casas Novas, 7 km from Cercal. It offers (...)

Naturarte Rio

The Rural Tourism project Naturarte Rio is located between S. Luís and Vila Nova de Milfontes, part of a family owned (...)

Carpe Vita

Carpe Vita is located in the historic centre of Aljezur and was conceived at the hands of Luísa and Nuno who lovingly brought (...)

Três Marias

Três Marias, or "Three Maries", located between the villages of Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Milfontes, offers (...)

Cerro da Fontinha

Located in the village of Brejão, this Rural Tourism offers 6 country houses, all well equipped. In a landscape of vast (...)

Rosa dos Ventos

Located in the most recent area of Zambujeira do Mar, this accommodation has 9 double rooms, decorated in a sober and simple (...)

Cerca do Sul

Located in the village of Brejão, on the southern tip of Alentejo Coast, with wide views of Monchique’s mountain range (...)

Monte da Galrixa

Located nearby S. Teotónio, within the Natural Park and a mere 7 km from Zambujeira do Mar, a fishing village, Monte da (...)

Cerro da Borrega

Within a country estate and a few kilometres from the sea, the Cerro da Borrega offers tradition combined with quality (...)

Monte do Adaíl

Monte do Adaíl is located between Porto Covo and Vila Nova de Milfontes and offers 2 double rooms and 4 apartments (...)

Sete Quintas

Sete Quintas is a special Nature Tourism Resort, where you'll be able to live and share true passion for horses. (...)

Tons da Terra

Set on a small piece of paradise 15 minutes away from beautiful beaches, very close to Santiago do Cacém and perfectly integrated (...)

Quinta do Chocalhinho

Quinta do Chocalhinho is a centenary property located near Odemira, with 10 double rooms and 5 suites, framed by a beautiful (...)

Herdade do Touril

Located 4 km from Zambujeira do Mar, at Sw Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park, Herdade do Touril offers the comfort (...)

Vida Pura

Located in an “eco-reserve”, between Alentejo and Algarve, just a few minutes away from Odeceixe and with strong sustainable (...)

Qta. do Barranco da Estrada

Not far from the roads that lead to the major cities of the country is this peculiar example of dedication. With a magnificent (...)

Herdade do Reguenguinho

Very close to Cercal and a few kilometers away from the most beautiful beaches of the Alentejo Coast, you can find Herdade (...)

Naturarte Campo

The Rural Tourism Resort Naturarte Campo, just on the outskirts of the quaint little hamlet of S. Luís, is the ideal place (...)

Pé no Monte

Right in the heart of Alentejo Coast, at São Teotónio and 10 kilometres away from Zambujeira do Mar beach, emerges on the (...)

Herdade do Telheiro

Located 3 km north from the village of Odemira, near the national road, which leads to the capital of Portugal and about (...)

Retiro do Mocho

Retiro do Mocho is a project located in the heart of Vicentina Coast, on Rogil seaside, near Aljezur, and offers accommodation (...)

Nave Redonda do Cerro

The Rural Tourism Nave Redonda do Cerro, results from a careful restoration work in a typical “monte” (or traditional (...)

Herdade do Freixial

Herdade do Freixial is located in the outskirts of Vila Nova de Milfontes, on Mira river’s right bank. Taking advantage (...)

Casa Vicentina

Very close to the border which separates the Alentejo and the Algarve, with the main attraction being the spectacular Odeceixe (...)

Casas do Moinho

Overlooking the river and the plains, Casas do Moinho are located on a hill nearby Odeceixe, consisting of 9 typical village (...)

Casa da Seiceira

At the door of the small village of Breijão between the well known locations of Zambujeira do Mar and Odeceixe is the Casa (...)


With very special characteristics, Muxima (heart – in African dialect), is located at Vicentina Coast, 2 km from the village (...)

Monte do Zambujeiro

Monte do Zambujeiro is beautifully located on a bend in the Mira River, and right next to Vila Nova de Milfontes, creating (...)

Monte da Vilarinha

Monte da Vilarinha is located at one of the most beautiful corners of the entire region, a small piece of paradise very close (...)

A Serenada Enoturismo

The Serenada Enoturismo, located at Serra de Grândola, framed by the magnificent Mediterranean landscape of vineyards, olive (...)

Monte do Giestal

Located at the Alentejo Coast, on an estate of 71 hectares completely surrounded by oak trees, Monte do Giestal, a rural (...)

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