Wine Tourism / Grândola

Boutique spirit on the art
of wine making and welcoming guests


Breathtaking views,
marked by the rhythm of the
Cape Espichel Lighthouse

A Serenada Enoturismo 

The Serenada Enoturismo, located at Serra de Grândola, framed by the magnificent Mediterranean landscape of vineyards, olive trees, cork oak forest and with the ocean as a background, offers six double rooms in an irresistible environment where comfort and tranquility coexist in sweet harmony.


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ocusing on quality tourism, the Serenada Enoturismo, offers four double rooms and two suites, located on a 23 hectares property that has been on the same family for over 300 years, wich possesses two vineyards, one planted in 1961 by the father of the current owner, Jacinta Sobral da Silva.

All the rooms equipped with private bathrooms, furnished with family antiques and typical local materials, such as cork, come into perfect harmony with the elegant contemporary lines which reflect tranquility and comfort inviting to rest and serenity... Each room has air conditioning, each suit a closed fireplace to give you the perfect warmth on the coldest days of the year and the common areas are always accompanied by the warmth of fireplaces. For your comfort you can also count with a library, a room for events, large terraces where you can have breakfast on sunny days, as well as a panoramic outdoor swimming pool.

Between the sea and the mountains, you can easily go hiking, mountain biking, have picnics, workshops, wine tastings, visits to wineries and, for those who love the beach, go to the beautiful beaches of Aberta Nova, Melides, Carvalhal, Pego or Comporta. These and many other activities, will make your days of summer or winter at the Serenada, truly unforgettable.


DR: Standard Double Room | TR: Twin Room | SDR: Superior Double Room| DDR: Deluxe Double Room | ST: Suite

A Serenada Enoturismo DR TR SDR DDR ST
LOW SEASON From 1st of November to 28yh of March 80€ 80€ 95€ 105€ 120€
HIGH SEASON From 29th of March to 31st of October, New Year, Carnival, Valentine’s, Easter and Christmas 90€ 90€ 115€ 125€ 145€

The prices quoted are per room per night and are subject to change without notice. Rates with breakfast included. Extra bed: Adults €30; Crib: €0; Children under 3: 0€ (Extra beds and cribs available on request)

Payment options:

  • Cash
  • Card, Visa, American Express, Mastercard
  • Bank Transfer


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Culture and Heritage

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Wine Tourism


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  • Jacinta Sobral and<br> Manuel Rodrigues da Silva
    Jacinta Sobral and
    Manuel Rodrigues da Silva

    For more than three centuries on the family of Jacinta Sobral, the Serenada gained a new life when Jacinta and Manuel decided to enrich the production of Serras de Grândola Wine with the wine tourism and accomodation. With distinct and very demanding professional lives, Jacinta on the pharmaceutical and oenology areas and Manuel on economics, they both manage with great energy and enthusiasm this project which they see as an extension of their own home, combining the art of welcoming guests to the pleasure of wine and gastronomy. On this adventure in constant evolution, they both have the help of a small professional team.

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    Para pedidos de informação e outras questões Relativas ao nosso alojamento

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    Responderemos com a maior brevidade possível. Obrigado.


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    Jacinta Sobral and Manuel Rodrigues da Silva
     A Serenada Enoturismo
    RIC 1265, Outeiro André - Sobreiras Altas • 7570-345 Grândola
    (+351) 269 498 014, 929 067 027
     38º11’54”N /8º39’25”O
     Portuguese and English

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    4 Double Rooms and 2 Suites
    16 Pax (incl. extra beds)
    Open all year except Christmas
    Check-in: 16:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum stay: No restriction
    From 75€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included

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    • Satellite television
    • Panoramic swimming pool
    • Air conditioning
    • Daily cleaning


    • Breakfast
    • Lunch and dinner service under reservation
    • Picnics
    • Bar and light meals service


    • Game room
    • Free internet access
    • Library
    • Walks
    • Wine tasting
    • Birdwatching
    • Bicycles
    • Horseback ridding
    • Hot air ballon
    • Workshops
    • Transfer of guests and luggage in partnership with local company
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