Surf, Mountain Bikes, Rock Climbing and Yoga on the beach / Aljezur - Costa Vicentina

Try the Algarve in
its purest state


Surfing, mountain biking, climbing
and family adventure programs

Algarve Adventure

Algarve Adventure offers you the chance to practice and enjoy this region through surf, mountain bike riding, rock climbing and family oriented adventure programs. Here you can discover the Algarve in its purest state and with its authentic treasures, in a natural way, far from the crowds of the other parts of the Algarve.


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urf classes take place at Amoreira, Monte Clérigo and Arrifana beaches, throughout the year, individually or in small groups of up to 8 people for beginners or the more experienced practitioners. With all the necessary equipment that can be used other than with classes, Algarve Adventures also hire out surf boards, and wet suits- delivering them to your accommodation or favourite beach.

If you’re into mountain biking you can choose to rent mountain bikes or take part in guided tours of various durations, to discover this region in the best possible way. For rock climbing, the possibilities are endless, from beach cliff/rock climbing to mountain sides suitable for this sport. You can also opt for family oriented adventure programs, with plenty of trips on land and sea, photographic safaris and even adventures in the air, where team spirit always prevails.

If you are in the mood for something different we can get in touch with external companies and take care of the whole process for you.


Algarve Adventure – Surf Iniciados 1 aula 3 aulas 5 aulas
ÉPOCA BAIXA 1 de Outubro a 30 de Junho 50€ 135€ 200€
ÉPOCA ALTA 1 de Julho a 30 de Setembro 55€ 150€ 220€

ALUGUER Prancha de Surf Standard (1) 20€ (1 dia) 15€/dia (2-4 dias) 10€/dia (+ 5 dias)

Algarve Adventure Surf
SURF Beginners courses
Low Season (From 1st Oct. till 30th June)

50€ (1 class) 135€ (3 classes) 200€ (5 classes)
High Season (From 1st July till 30th Sept.)
55€ (1 class) 150€ (3 classes) 220€ (5 classes)

RENTAL Standard Surfboard 1
20€ (1 day) 15€/day (2-4 days) 10€/day (+ 5 days) 2
RENTAL + 3 days or more standard surfboard
15€ (1 day) 10€/day (2-4 days) 10€/day (+ 5 days)

RENTAL Wetsuits 1

DELIVERY SERVICE OF EQUIPMENT (+ 3 days or + 3 surfboard, except Aljezur)
Free (Aljezur) 20€ (Lagos, Odeceixe, Carapateira) 30€ (Vila do Bispo,

1 – Special 10€/day price for those who had surf classes
2 – Additional 20€ fee for 5 days rental or more

NOTE: Additional 15€ fee for custom surfboards rental

Algarve Adventure
CLIMBING 49€ (p.p.)
ACTION DAY 25€ (p.p.)

ALUGUER 3 ou + pranchas de Surf Standard 15€ (1 dia) 10€/dia (2-4 dias) 10€/dia (+ 5dias) ALUGUER Fato (1) 15€

Algarve Adventure – BTT
TOURS Mountain Bike 35€ (adult) 25€ (children)
RENTAL Bicycles 15€ (1 day)1 60€ (7 days)
RENTAL Accessories 10€ (bike child trailer) 5€ (Military maps, surfboard support and child chair)
DELIVERY SERVICE Free (Aljezur) 10€ – 40€ (another place)
1 – For each additional day an extra 10€ fee. Plus 20€ fee for bikes with full suspension

  • Beginner surf courses – from 50€/day
  • Surf boards and wet suits rental – from 10€/day
  • Mountain bike tours – 35€/pax
  • Mountain bike rental – from 10€/day
  • Climbing – 49€/pax
  • Action Day – 25€/pax




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Culture and Heritage

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Surf, Bikes + Climbing

Costa Vicentina

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  • Peer Hartman
    Peer HartmanOwner

    It was during a trip to the Atlantic Coast that Peer and his wife fell in love with Vicentina Coast. Since sports had been part of their lives for many years, they decided to move to Portugal and turn their passion for outdoor activities into a way of life. Operating since 2006, the object of this adventure, other than business, is to use his vast knowledge to give personal recommendations to those who wish to take part in these activities.


    BOOKING: 913 533 363

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    Peer Hartman
     Algarve Adventure
    Vale da Telha – Aljezur
    (+351) 913 533 363 / (+351) 914 656 522
     37°20’21.37″N /8°51’11.01″W
     Portuguese, English, German, Spanish and French

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    1 pax
    Surf classes
    Amoreia, Monte Clérigo and Arrifana beaches
    All year

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    Main Activities

    • Surf classes: beginners, advanced and improvement
    • Surf boards and wet suits rental
    • Mountain bike guided tours
    • Mountain bike rental
    • Climbing
    • Yoga on the beach
    • Family oriented adventure program
    • Transfers Available
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    • Surf

    • Bikes

    • Experience

    • Adventure

    • Passion

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    Thank you!

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