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Restaurant / Zambujeira do Mar

Alentejo flavours filled with
the freshness from the sea


Tradition of the past in a
kitchen with renewed soul

A Barca Tranquitanas

Next to Entrada da Barca and in the vicinity of Zambujeira do Mar, with a beautiful panorama open to the Atlantic waves, is the cosy restaurant Barca Tranquitanas where the ocean is the protagonist. Located right by the fishing harbour, the fish and shellfish it serves are always fresh and caught locally.


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ere you will find fresh, mouth watering flavours. Start your meal with an appetizer such as a portion of fried octopus, dog-whelk salad or fish soup, a special soup with a secret seasoning that you’ll love. For the main dish you may opt for cuttlefish Barca style, pompano steaks or "caldeirada" (fish stew) fisherman’s style. But since the whelks are one of the house specialties, don’t pass up the chance to have the bean stew made with this mollusc . For the meat lovers the traditional "migas" with pork or the sirloin fried in olive oil are simply irresistible. To finish off this sea of delicacies, a chocolate cake with walnuts or the original and now famous Vinegar Sweet . And of course don’t forget the excellent wine list.

In a natural environment with construction and decorations made with wood, take advantage of the traditional and captivating fishing activities, taking the opportunity to go down to the fishing harbour and watch the boats arriving with their daily catch. Amongst other things you can learn how to clean the fish from those in the know.

The nearby village of Zambujeira do Mar is worth a visit and on all sides the beaches and the stunning coastline are reasons to stay for a while in this Magic Alentejo!




Fried octopus (portion): 8,50€
Barnacles: 25,00€ to 35,00€/kg

Warm chocolate and walnut cake with ice cream: 2,80€
Traditional Farófias: 2,80€

Fried fillet of pompano fish: 10,00€
Cooked french beans with whelk: 11,00€

Red & White (House Wine) 0,5 L: 5,00€
Red (Cartuxa): 29,00€

 Cash and credit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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Zambujeira do Mar

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  • Arménio Silva
    Arménio SilvaOwner

    Established by his father about 40 years ago to provide assistance to the fishermen who lived there, the restaurant is now run by his son Arménio, always closely assisted by his wife, Otília,  carrying on the traditions of the past and giving the restaurant renewed soul at any time of day – “every hour of the day is good for a snack” says Arménio

    BOOKING: 283 961 186

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    Arménio Silva
     A Barca Tranquitanas
    Entrada da Barca • 7630 Zambujeira do Mar
    (+351) 283 961 186
     37°32’58.25″N /8°47’29.25″W
     Portuguese and English

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    Regional food
    56 room | 50 terrace
    Lunch: from 12.00 • Dinner: until 23:00
     Closed: Monday (except high season)
    Holidays: December and January
    Reservations accepted. Average price between 15€ and 25€

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      • Conch

      • Panoramic

      • Wood

      • Romantic

      • Wine

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      Thank you!

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