burros & artes

Donkey Trekking, Art and Handicraft Workshops

Joyful country walks in the
company of gracious donkeys


A wide program of arts and
traditional handicraft activities

burros & artes

Two friends, two passions. Sofia, a donkey lover and Elsa, dedicated to arts & handicraft. They both decided to turn their passions into a way of living and created the project Burros e Artes in Aljezur.


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uch happens at Sítio dos Burros, in Vale das Amoreiras, a farm surrounded by about 50 hectares of pure nature, at the edge of the Serra de Monchique and the Nature Reserve, 3 km from the town of Aljezur and 10 km from the coast. This is the ideal place for donkey rides and for exploring creativity. Here you can enjoy the traditional arts and crafts activities under the supervision of Elsa and experience a variety of made to measure programs. Amongst which are the pottery class with a traditional Potters wheel.

In the company of donkeys, choose from hiking in the heart of nature and in rural areas of the Costa Vicentina and/or for leisure activities for groups. Walking with an animal is an activity that forces you to slow down, the pace of these long eared friends is ideal for relaxing walks and for enjoying the scenery and all that the region offers. Communion with nature is total. In arts and crafts workshops, an atmosphere of creativity and joy is generated. From pottery, and weaving to felting, the options are many.

Sofia is a donkey lover and she decided to turn this passion into a way of life. To those who visit her, Sofia proposes and offers trekking activities in the company of her donkeys. Loving, sweet, patient, hearty, cooperative and easygoing animals. Always at their own pace, the relationship one builds with these animals throughout a trekking experience is unforgettable, not only for children but also for the adults.

For a trekking experience outside the farm, you can opt for a one day trekking and explore Aljezur’s streets and its castle, built by the Moors in the tenth century, or head to Rogil’s coast, where the views from the cliffs over beaches decorated with incredible rocky outcrops will leave you speechless. Sofia also organizes 2 to 7 day trekking adventures, from Aljezur to several interesting sites in the area, for a true communion with nature.

This is a special service that offers something truly unique: New experiences in a rural environment, with total interaction with the region, culture and traditions
The options are endless! Make your request, Elsa, Sofia and their sweet donkeys welcome you, your family and friends.


Arts 2h30
Creative Workshops (pottery, felting, etc) * 25€ pp

*Minimum 4 people. Less participants: 100€/Workshop. Price includes promoter, material and tools. At the end you take your piece of art home. Depending on location, travel expenses may be added.

Short Guided Tours w/ donkeys 1h30 1/2 Day (3h) 1 Day (6h)
1 DONKEY (2-3 pax) 35€ 65€ 130€
2 DONKEYS (4-6 pax) 50€ 85€ 160€
ADDITIONAL DONKEY (>7 pax) 10€ 15€ 20€

Long Guided Tours w/ donkeys 2 Days 3+ Days
1 DONKEY (2-3 pax) 260€/tour On request
2 DONKEYS (4-6 pax) 180€/tour On request
ADDITIONAL DONKEY (>7 pax) On request

All prices are TAX free, including tour guide, equipped donkey(s) and accident insurance.
1 donkey can accompany up to 3 participants.
Children are participants from 4 years old on. Children can ride the donkey, adults guide them or hike freely to observe nature, take pictures and relax.
Additional costs: accommodation & meals, and depending on the tour, donkey transport expenses may be added!

Self-guided hikes 1 Day 3 or + Days
1-2 DONKEYS (2-3 pax) 65€/Burro 60€/Burro/dia
3 or + DONKEYS (4-5 pax) 55€/Burro 55€/Burro/dia

All prices are TAX free. Rates include donkey(s) rental, introduction to donkey handling, renting maps and road-books, and personal accident insurance.

Food & Beverage: Pack-lunch for 8€/pax – Picnic from 15€/pax

 Cash or money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Burricadas, Artes e Ofícios


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  • Elsa Ribeiro and<br>Sofia Von Mentzingen
    Elsa Ribeiro and
    Sofia Von Mentzingen

    Elsa and Sofia have unique life stories, of course, and came here for different reasons but joined together in a project with the same objective: watching over nature and traditions, using their bare hands.  They are a double who have complemented the guardianship of donkeys with the art of working with various materials and techniques. If the donkeys go anywhere  Elsa’s mobile workshop won’t be far behind.

    BOOKING: 967 145 306

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    Elsa Ribeiro and Sofia Von Mentzingen
     burros & artes
    Vale da Amoreiras – Aljezur
    (+351) 967 145 306, 936 060 808
     37°20’12.57″N /8°46’42.85″W
     Portuguese, German, English, Spanish and French

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    Minimum 1 pax
    Donkey Trekking, Art and Handicraft Workshops
    Vicentina Coast, between Odeceixe and Cape St. Vicent
    All year
    Price from 30€

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    Main Activities

    • Donkey Trekking
    • Art and Handicraft Workshops
    • Guided hikes – from 35€/tour (1h30/1 donkey)
    • Self guided hikes – from 65€/tour (1 day/1 donkey)
    • Several days hiking guided/self-guided – upon request
    • Art and handicraft Workshops – from 20€ /pax
    • Birthdays, baptisms, weddings… – from 90€ (half day)
    • Half day donkey hike and art workshop – upon request
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    Thank you!

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