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Cape Sardão

Between Almograve and Zambujeira do Mar is the westernest point of the Alentejo coast. Guarded by a lighthouse, Sardão Cape, this is a place of absolute reconciliation between the land and the ocean.


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his lighthouse was built with the tower on the land side, unlike all other lamps with similar structures and locations.

Further, by the cliffs, you can admire the shafts embedded in the rock walls, the seeded islets here and there along the coast and the many white stork couples that choose this coast as their nesting site. Elsewhere in Europe you can also find them, but further inland. Among the typical birds of this region, and if you are careful, will also see peregrine falcons, crows-peas-red and more rarely kestrels.


Património Histórico


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Week days: 9h00-16h00 (The lighthouse is a Portuguese Marine Service and therefore is not openned to the public in general)

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Nearby in Casas Brancas

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