Rural Tourism / Brejão - São Teotónio

A place in which to breath
the pure sea air


Privacy as an invitation to
absolute peace and quiet

Casa da Seiceira 

At the door of the small village of Breijão between the well known locations of Zambujeira do Mar and Odeceixe is the Casa da Seiceira. A one storey building encroaching on the verdant Nature Reserve, where you can feel the sea breeze. It is a place that inspires privacy and invites absolute peace and quiet.


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esigned in keeping with regional customs, this rural tourism offers three one bedroom apartments and four bedrooms, set with in a resort with swimming pool, children’s playground and other amenities that will surely let you forget the outside world. The sandy soil, perfect for growing strawberries is the calling card for the line of beaches that you will find a just a stone’s throw away and which punctuate this region with majesty.

The entire space was conceived with the objective of preserving local values, maintaining the rural characteristics and the authenticity of a country house. The effort is visible in the restoration of vintage furniture at the hands of local artisans. The apartments provide double room, kitchen, and living room with sofa bed, and just as like the rooms, are equipped with TV and air-conditioning. Casa da Seiceira also has a common living room and a dining room where homely breakfasts with regional products are served, such as the traditional Alentejo bread, home-made jams or locally produced honey.

Its location, close to the beaches of Amália, Carvalhal and the fishing harbour of Azenha do Mar, provide different routes to be enjoyed on foot to fully appreciate this natural and rich landscape, full of surprises such as the Machados cove and others like Figueirinhas, Escaleira or Zimbreira


Casa da Seiceira T1 Double Room
November to February
80€ 60€
March, April, May and October
90€ 75€
From 1st of June to 15th of July and from 1st to 30th of September
125€ 95€
From 16th of July to 31st of August
140€ 110€

Rates are per house/room and per night for 2 pax and can be changed anytime. Daily rates with breakfast included.
Traveling bed (up to 3 years old): 5€, Children extra bed (up to 12 years old): 15€, Extra bed (adult): 25€

15% discount for Tour Operators

Payment options:

Cash, VISA, Mastercard and Maestro



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Culture and Heritage

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Alojamento Local


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  • Luísa Rebelo and<br> António Pacheco
    Luísa Rebelo and
    António Pacheco

    Coming from a well established family in this region – it was his grandfather who sold the property to Amália Rodrigues -, António knows this area like the back of his hand, just like Luísa, who dedicated all their lives to tourism. A factor which together with their good disposition makes these members of Casas Brancas the best people to suit the needs of their guests.

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    António Pacheco
     Casa da Seiceira
    Chaminé nº 11, Brejão 7630-569 S. Teotónio
    (+351) 965 064 320
     37°28'41.31"N /8°47'1.60"W
     Portuguese, English and Spanish

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    4 double rooms - 3 T1
    24 people (inc. extra beds)
    Open all year
    Check-in: 16:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: 1 night
    From 60€/night 2 pax breakfast included

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    • Wi-fi
    • TV and DVD
    • Central heating and fireplace
    • AC
    • Laundry
    • No pets allowed
    • Meals
    • Kitchen
    • Breakfast
    • Dinner upon previous request
    • Board Games
    • Restricted salt water swimming pool
    • Bicycles
    • Playground
    • Hiking
    • Amália Beach
    • Passengers and luggage transfers
    • Massages
    • Babysitting
    • Laundry
    • Partnership with local activity companies (e.g surf, dive and recreational fishing)
    • Dinner upon request
    • Birthday parties and New Year’s Eve
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    • Comfort

    • Quiet

    • Familiar

    • Experience

    • Beach

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    Thank you!

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