Rural Tourism / Brejão - São Teotónio

Between the sea and nature
a place from a fairytale


Theme weekends
and workshops for a stay
full of activities

Cerca do Sul 

Located in the village of Brejão, on the southern tip of Alentejo Coast, with wide views of Monchique’s mountain range and the ocean, this charming rural tourism unit has 7 double bedrooms, which unite simplicity and well being, it is the ideal place to feel truly comfortable.


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he sensations begin as soon as you enter this space. Here we chance upon a world apart. The fine lawns, the tranquility of the swimming pool, the freshness of the surfaces, carefully placed shades as if it were all had a natural order and its right place. And there are the tiny insects chosen to baptise the rooms, like someone entering a little universe of fairies.

All rooms have private bathroom and central heating, facing a large covered porch, ideal for a “siesta” or a bit of afternoon reading, as well as socializing with other guests. Here, the breakfasts are renown, made with homegrown produce and eggs from their own chickens. On request you can get your own picnic basket and, whenever possible, dinner.

Besides the swimming pool and the children’s area, there is also a living room for guests and a “secret” space separated from the main building, where you can enjoy movies, a small children’s area for drawing and painting and a kitchenette for your own use. Cerca do Sul organizes several theme weekends and a variety of workshops, and for those who want to explore the area, Sara has plenty of activities to suggest. Surfing, trekking trails, mountain climbing, donkey rides, yoga classes and relaxing massages are some of the those suggestions. There is also a small corner with regional produce, one of the challenges of a house with the impulse to develop local arts and crafts.

At Brejão, you’re just around the corner from Amália and Carvalhal beaches, but among Odeceixe, Aljezur, Zambujeira do Mar and Cabo Sardão, there will be many other treasures to revisit or discover


Cerca do Sul Double Room Single
February, March and November
80 €

70 €
April, May and October
90 € 80 €
July and September
100 € 90 €
July and August
110 € 100 €

Rates are per room and per night and can be changed anytime.
* Exceptional Extra price supplement for one night only: 10€/night
** Exceptional Extra price supplement for less than 4 nights: 10€/night
Daily rates including breakfast, housekeeping and access to all facilities.
Extra bed: 30€ (adult), 15€ (up to 12 years old), 5€ (cradle)

Check in from 2PM; check out up to 12AM (possibility of late check-out when there are no guests arriving).
Advance payment of 40% of stay at the moment of reservation, within 72 hours after information of availability; in case we do not receive any payment, booking is not valid; remaining payment when checking in.
In case of cancellation until 8 days before staying, the payment is refunded; until 24 hours before the stay, the signal is in credit for a forthcoming book, in case of ‘no show’, no refunding.

 Cash and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism


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 Cerca do Sul
Cabeço de Arvéola, Cerro da Fontinha - Brejão • 7630-569 SãoTeotónio
(+351) 962 213 600
 37°28’19.80″N /8°45’27.13″W
 Portuguese, English, French, Italian and Spanish

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7 Double Rooms
16 Pax (inc. Extra beds)
Open all year
Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 12:00
Minimum Stay: 2 nights in low, medium and high season
5 nights in special Season
From 70€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included

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  • Wi-fi in the porch (weak signal)
  • TV
  • Stereo (radio, CD, iPOD/Mp3)
  • Swimming pool
  • Heat
  • Barbecue
  • Laundry

  • Diner upon request
  • Common kitchenette
  • Breakfast
  • Bar
  • Picnic

  • Bycicle/canoes/fishing rod/pedal boat
    Organic vegetable garden

  • Passengers and luggage transfers upon previous request
  • Massages
  • Workshops / Events
  • Babysitting
  • Local products (for sale)
  • Partnerships with local activity companies (e.g surf, diving and recreational fishing)
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  • Hideaway

  • Rest

  • Dedication

  • Sea

  • Authenticity

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Thank you!

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