Rural Tourism / Brejão - São Teotónio

Traditional houses with
more than one century old


Rediscovery of simple lifeand genuine flavours

Cerro da Fontinha

Located in the village of Brejão, this Rural Tourism offers 6 country houses, all well equipped. In a landscape of vast horizons with the Monchique mountain on the east and the sea to the west, the decoration follows a rustic style in harmony with the materials used in the region.


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he decoration is rustic in keeping with the materials used in the region. The houses, more than 150 years old are unique restorations, carved in earth , wood and stone, which reflect a perfect integration with their environment and are full of details. Pebbles on the wall from which towels are hung recall the beach. Inside the houses there are some pieces made by the owner himself. Sculptured with art and taste they adapt to their space like an organic body adapts to the land on which it reads. Giving the impression of a nest that snuggles its occupants.

It’s a typical “monte” with solid walls made in “taipa” (lath and mud), in a space that calls for quietness and the rediscovery of the simple living and genuine flavours of the Alentejo traditional products that can be tasted in the privacy of each Cottage, with the breakfast at La carte, personalized every day according to each one's wishes. In the summer, the shadows of the garden invite you to sit at a table in the open air, whilst in the winter the fireplace spreads a pleasant warmness. Protected from the southeast winds by a small eucalyptus hood, the property has spaces with wide gardens and a large natural lake where swimming and fishing is possible.

With profound ecological concerns, more than 70% of the energy used is solar, Cerro da Fontainha is an example of pioneering on the Alentejo Coast.

Only 2 km away from Carvalhal beach and 6 km from the beaches of Zambujeira do Mar and the picturesque village of Odeceixe, it’s also possible to choose from different circular circuits which include parts of the Fishermen’s Trail of the Rota Vicentina, ride a bike, sports fishing, surf or bodyboard classes, canoeing, pottery workshops or even mind and body therapies. You can also count on the Sunset Bar, open for the guests from 7 to 10 p.m.


Cerro da Fontinha T0 T1 T2
From the 2nd November till the 31st March
70€ 80€ 115€
From the 1st April to the 30th June ,  Carnival and Holidays
80€ 90€ 135€
From 1st Jully till 30th September, Easter, and New Year
100€ 110€  160€

Daily rates with breakfast included.
Rates are per house and per night and can be changed anytime.
Minimum stay of 7 nights in high season.
Discounts for long stays.
Extra bed: 20€ (adult)
Pets: 10€

Cash, debit and credit card



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism


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  • Ana Miranda and Miguel Godinho
    Ana Miranda and Miguel GodinhoOwners

    Miguel is from the ribatejo and passed through England where he lived for 15 years, but it was his empathy for the Alentejo Coast that dictated that he would bring him here t the turn of the millennium. A self made man, always with Ana’s precious contribution, he faces any task with determination- “impossible” is not a word that he knows – only pausing in his routine when he goes fishing accompanied by the storks who challenge the rocks with him.

     Book Online

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    Miguel Godinho
     Cerro da Fontinha
    Brejão, Caixa Postal 5782 • 7630-575 S. Teotónio
    (+351) 917 802 588
     37°28’8.82″N /8°45’37.81″W
     Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

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    1 T0 • 1 T1• 4 T2
    24 Pax (inc. extra beds)
    Open all year
    Check-in: 16:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: 7 nights in high season
    From 70€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included

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    • Wi-fi
    • TV
    • Stereo (radio, CD iPOD/Mp3)
    • Pets allowed
    • Natural Lake
    • Central heating
    • Barbecue
    • Laundry
    • Meals upon request
    • Kitchen and individual kitchenette
    • Breakfasts
    • Bar
    • Picnic
    • Bicycle
    • Canoes
    • Fishing rod
    • Pedal boats
    • Hiking
    • Playground
    • Passengers and lugagge transfers
    • Guided walks
    • Massages
    • Pottery workshops
    • Babysitting
    • Local products (for sale)
    • Birdwatching tours
    • Partnerships with local activity companies (e.g surf, diving and recreational fishing)
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    Thank you!

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