Restaurant / Zambujeira do Mar

Amazing seafood menu
and fresh fish by the sea


Clams, cockles, razor clams,
crawdads or barnicles

i Cervejaria

Right in the heart of the busy pedestrian area of Zambujeira do Mar, i Cervejaria is the ideal restaurant for those who can’t resist live shellfish, accompanied by an ice cold beer or a wine suited to your taste. A fresh and varied menu makes this restaurant a point of reference in the main street of this village, local produce with a varied and much talked about choice of dishes.


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veryday, i Cervejaria offers a wide variety of live shellfish caught on this part of the coast as well as on south Algarve’s coast. Their salt water tanks are filled with lobster, crab, spider-crab, ready to be cooked and arriving at your table as if fresh from the sea. The starters include clams, cockles, barnacles, razor-fish, among others.
 For main course, you can try shellfish bread soup made with typical Alentejo bread, or the fantastic John Dory with pasta and mint. But if you prefer meat, there is plenty to whet your appetite. 
Now that you are here take the opportunity to enjoy the beaches, views and trails in this lovely area around Zambujeira do Mar. A good walk to burn off some calories wouldn’t be a bad idea.




Prawns in garlic: 12,00€
Barrancos smoked ham (portion): 12,00€

Traditional dessert: 4,40€
Cream: 3,25€

Cooked french beans with grooved razor for 2: 28€
Pork with clams Alentejo style: 18,50€

Red|White (House Wine Pias) 0,50L: 6,00€
Regional Medronho: 2,25€

 Cash, debit/credit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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Zambujeira do Mar

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  • Vítor Duarte
    Vítor DuarteOwner

    Brothers Vítor and Emanuel Duarte are the owners of this Cervejaria. Born and raised in Zambujeira do Mar, catering is a family tradition, and the project which they are currently managing has already existed for 30 years, taking advantage of fresh quality shellfish and fish which are the defining trait of this establishment. Everyone who arrives here is curious about the name of the restaurant. The answer is simple, the name derives from Emanuels’ nickname, who is known as “I” amongst friends. As to the details…… only after a good plate of seafood

    BOOKING: 966 023 265

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    Vítor Duarte
     i Cervejaria
    Rua Miramar, 14 • 7630-789 Zambujeira do Mar
    (+351) 966 023 265, (+351) 283 961 113
     37°31’27.63″N /8°47’5.64″W
     Portuguese and English

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    Regional food
    42 room | 24 terrace
    Lunch: from 12.30
    Dinner: till 2:00
     Closed: Tuesdays (except high season)
    Holidays: 1 to December 29
    Reservations accepted. Average price between 20€ and 25€

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    Thank you!

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