Horse Riding / Porto Covo

Horses riding on the dunes,
sierras and in the valleys


Healthy contact with the
horses for all the family

Herdade do Pessegueiro

Herdade do Pessegueiro offers you what for many people is considered a symbol of a true paradise: horse riding on the beach, on sand dune tracks or on a succession of hills and valleys with Alentejo’s coast line as a background scenario. You can choose a horse ride from a variety of types, duration and other arrangements. But there are tempting offers for those arriving without any kind of plans.


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f you have little or no experience with horses, then you came to the right place: ride one of the more docile animals for an hour along the coast between Pessegueiro Island and Vila Nova de Milfontes, and return by taking one of the many inland tracks. If you´re experienced enough to trot or gallop, enjoy a wonderful day with a four hour horse ride which includes a picnic.

But for the true horse riding aficionados, the invitation is as follows: horse riding for a week along several tracks well known by Cláudia and Paulo. You will get to see the highlights of this area, from those that are known to everybody to some of the most hidden treasures, among hills and cliffs, between the Mira River and the ocean.

Children with or without experience are most welcome. Believe us: they will be forever grateful for this opportunity to get to know these fascinating animals! This healthy contact with horses that no child remains indifferent to, and the close contact with nature sharpens their senses. Family rides have a surprising impact on them, and translate into hours of bonding and true happiness.

If you just want to get in contact with nature, listen to the birds and feel the wind in your hair, you can always relax at the bar or visit the lake on the Estate which can be used as a natural swimming pool and a place of meditation.


Half hour vaulting – 10€
One hour horseback ride – 20€
One day horseback ride – 60€
1 week horseback ride – 850€ – 950€

 Cash and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Passeios a Cavalo

Porto Covo

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  • Cláudia Castanheira<br>and Paulo Rosa
    Cláudia Castanheira
    and Paulo Rosa

    With many years of experience in raising horses, it was about 10 years ago that Cláudia Castanheira and Paulo Rosa  decided to dedicate themselves to  equestrian activities. A lifelong passion for the animals on the Estate, made this a natural choice, which over the years has transformed into a national and international success.

    BOOKING: 963 320 898/7

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    Cláudia Castanheira and Paulo Rosa
     Herdade do Pessegueiro
    7520-421 Porto Covo
    (+351) 963 320 898, (+351) 963 320 897
     37°49’54.64″N /8°47’12.77″W
     Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

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    Horseback riding: 1 pax min. | 1 week horseback riding: 4 pax min.
    Horseback riding
    Herdade do Pessegueiro e concelhos de Odemira, Sines e Santiago do Cacém
    Horseback riding – all year 1 week horseback riding – all year except in August
    Price per person from 30 €

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    Thank you!

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