Restaurant / Carrapateira

Warm colors, tapas and
good music are the highlights


Nature with breathtaking
landscapes and experiences


L–Colesterol is a summer suggestion good for any time of the year. The town of Carrapateira, the restaurant’s warm colours, delicacies and good music are the main features of this already famous place.


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he choice of regional appetizers is excellent, like the oven heated goat cheese, grilled asparagus with flor de sal (a very thin layer of salt crystals formed at the surface of salt water tanks, that is harvested during the summer according to traditional methods), baby cuttlefish Algarve style or eggplant au gratin Coles style. Salads are always an option either to complement your meal or for a midday snack. If you prefer something more conventional, opt for one of the meat or fish dishes or the vegetarian lasagne, which enjoys a local reputation. If you are lucky you might catch a fisherman bringing in barnacles, mussels or a bream caught just outside.

The desserts are equally tempting, their specialities being the house dessert, the sweet potato cake or chocolate salami with lime mousse. The kitchen is always open and they have something for all tastes.

Leave your problems behind and enjoy the fresh and tempting drinks: caipirinhas, mojitos or other fruit cocktails, or the typical red, white, rosé or sparkling wine sangria. The atmospheric live music or guest DJ’s, who from time liven up the busy late afternoons, make this restaurant a place which incites you to stay.

Take advantage of this part of Vicentina Coast: enjoy the nature surrounding you and the breathtaking landscape. Aljezur needs no introduction. Still, Diogo suggests a visit to Arrifana and Monte Clérigo beaches, and a stroll through Aljezur. Further south the purest of the Algarve, still preserved, is waiting for you, with its beautiful beaches surrounded by the wild nature of the cliffsides.




Pork and flour sausage with eggs: 7,00€
Fired codfish balls with yoghurt sauce: 7,00€

House sweet dessert (chocolate cake with ice cream and hot chocolate): 4,00€
Sweet potato cake: 3,50€

Black pork steaks with pork and flour sausage rice: 12,00€
Octopus w/ sweet potato: 13,00€

Mojito: 5,00€
Blackoska: 5,00€

 Cash, debit card, VISA and Mastercard



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Culture and Heritage

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  • Diogo Vasconcelos
    Diogo VasconcelosOwner

    Operating since 2002, L-Colesterol was the result of an association amongst friends but today is the pride of Diogo Vasconcelos and Pedro Leitão, the current owners. Now in a new location, a few metres from Bordeira beach, it is a must to visit before and after the beach, but also deserves a special visit for the youthful and original atmosphere.

BOOKING: 964 132 167

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Diogo Vasconcelos
Horta do Rio • Carrapateira • 8670 – 230 Bordeira
(+351) 282 998 147 / (+351) 939 166 136
www.l-colesterol.com  37°11’26.15″N /8°53’43.32″W
 Portuguese and English

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International, Regional and Vegetarian food
32 dining room 62 terrace
Lunch: from 10:00
Dinner: until 24h00
 Closed: Monday (from 15th December till 31st October)
Holidays:  January
Take-away Reservations accepted. Average price per person from 10€ to 25€

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  • Localização

  • Reception

  • Vegetable Garden

  • Music

  • Beach

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