Rural Tourism / Vale Juncal – São Teotónio

Welcoming surroundings set
in a scenery of dreams


Rustic essence, an ideal
escape from the rat race

Monte da Choça 

Located between S. Teotónio and Odeceixe, this “monte” has 5 cottages, as a result of the restoration work done on existing alentejo farm house, and is an excellent refuge from the city routine.


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n this farmstead, in a relaxing and intimate environment, you can get carried away by the indolence of the Alentejo. Here idleness is everything and the cosy surroundings, laid out in a panorama of dreams dictate the rhythm of the day. Between walls, one finds decorations in warm tones, with hints of local crafts and the magic hands of Angélica, in a place where there is no shortage of the necessary amenities for a full holiday. At night the silence is golden allowing a deep and refreshing rest.

A short distance from the marvelous beaches of the Alentejo and Vicentina coast, Monte da Choça is a small oasis framed in the frontier between the plains of the coastline and the valleys of the inner region of Odemira. The view over the mountains, the swimming pool, the surrounding vegetation, as well as the outdoor activities on offer, distinguishes this accommodation. Without leaving the “monte” you can also enjoy the tennis table, the giant chess board, a small football field, as well as swings for the children.

From walks and hikes, to mountain bike rides, surfing and the observation of local fauna and flora, you’ll have the owner as a guide, and all the necessary equipment available for rent. At Monte da Choça, the visitor can enjoy a permanent contact with nature, along cliffs and meadows, valleys and mountains or even the trails available in the property. The friendly animals, dogs, cats, sheeps, goats and a donkey are a delight for the children. As an alternative you can dedicate your time to having a barbeque on the patio of monte, inviting your neighbours to join you.


Monte da Choça T0 T1 T2
November to April
45€ 50€ 70€
May to June and from 16th September till 31st October, holidays, Carnival and Easter
60€ 70€ 90€
From 1st July till 15th September and New Year
80€ 90€ 140€

Rates are per house and per night and can be changed anytime.
Minimum stay of 2 nights in low season and 7 nights in medium and high seasons.
Extra bed: 10€ (adult), 5€ (up to 12 years old).

 Cash and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism

Vale Juncal - S. Teotónio

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  • Rudolfo and Angélica Müller
    Rudolfo and Angélica MüllerOwners

    The journey started in Switzerland more than 25 years ago and brought Rudolfo by motor cycle to our country. Today he feels proudly Portuguese. His journey led to the great impulse to create the Casa Brancas and Rota Vicentina projects. A lover of surf and an inveterate hiker, he speaks 5 languages and the language of the birds. He met Angélica, a Brazilian from Belo Horizonte, the ideal partner for his world of dream and adventures. Together they form a couple who ooze happiness and good disposition, that doesn’t leave anyone indifferent.

     Book Online

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    Rudolfo and Angélica Müller
     Monte da Choça
    Apartado 57 • 7630 S. Teotónio
    (+351) (+351) 283 958 626 / (+351) 962 608 325
      37°28’2.08″N / 8°43’54.71″W
     Portuguese, German, French, English and Spanish

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    1 T0 • 1 T1 • 3 T2
    17 Pax (inc. extra beds)
    Open all year
    Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: 2 nights in low season
    7 nights in medium and high seasons
    From 40 € / night for 2 pax without breakfast Breakfast - 7,5 € per person

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    • Wi-fi
    • TV
    • Stereo (radio, CD, iPOD/Mp3)
    • Swimming pool
    • Fireplace
    • Barbecue
    • Laundry

    • Kitchen
    • Individual kitchenette
    • Breakfast for hikers
    • Picnic

    • Bicycles
    • Hiking
    • Playground
    • Surf safaris
    • Guided walks
    • Birdwatching and biodiversity

    • Passengers and luggage transfers
    • Guided walks
    • Bicycle rental
    • Bicycle washing
    • Birdwatching
    • Massages
    • Workshops/Events
    • Children’s activities
    • Partnerships with local activity companies (e.g. surf, diving, recreational fishing) Pets not allowed
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    • Tradition

    • Rustic

    • Tranquility

    • Refuge

    • Hiking

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    Thank you!

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