Monte da Vilarinha 

Monte da Vilarinha is located at one of the most beautiful corners of the entire region, a small piece of paradise very close from Vicentina Coast’s incredibly beautiful beaches. It offers spacious and comfortable rooms or apartments, fitting in perfectly with their environment, with fireplace, central heating, private terrace and all kinds of amenities, ideal for a comfortable rest after full and well spent days between the sierras and the ocean.


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mpregnated by the aromas of the sierra and blanketed in nights of pure silence, the senses turn to contemplation in moments that prolong the gentleness of time. The entire project is quite revealing of the attention to detail given by someone who truly loves this region, from the techniques and construction materials used (taipa, cane, schist and wood) to the decoration, someone who knew how to best use traditional resources in order to create a surprisingly contemporary environment.

With the pool and the shade of the lawn to look forward to, the days start with the natural flavours of the region - crispy alentejo bread, home made jams, local confectionary - are just the start of meals which are second to none - steamed octopus, sweet potato, açorda – which together with the various proposals for enjoying the outdoors and the magic atmosphere of Monte, diving, horse riding, or surf lessons, complete a solid concept in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.

This area has countless treasures for you to discover. Obviously we would like to highlight the surfing beaches and others that remain virtually deserted. The problem is that it is just about impossible to choose a favourite one: Castelejo, Murração, Amado, Bordeira, Vale Figueiras or Canal are a few examples.


T0: Casas da Ribeira (2pax) | T1: Casas de Cima (2pax) e Casa do Forno (2pax) | T2: Casa do Vale (2pax) e Casa da Encosta (2pax) | T3: Casa da Encosta (4pax) | Room: Casa do Forno 1 e 2 (2pax)

Monte da Vilarinha T0 T1 T2 T3 Room
LOW SEASON From November to February 130€ 140€ 190€ 300€ 110€
MEDIUM SEASON From March to May & from 15-31 of October 140€  170€  220€  350€ 130€
MEDIUM HIGH SEASON From 1-15 of June & 1-14 of October 150€ 180€ 230€ 370€ 140€
HIGH SEASON* From 15 of June & 31 of August & Holidays  200€ 240€ 290€ 460€ 170€

Rates are per house/room and per night and can be changed anytime.
Daily rates with breakfast included for 2 people.
Minimum stay of 2 nights during weekends and 7 nights in high season.
Extra bed: 50€ (adult), 20€ (up to 14 years old).

Payment methods: Cash, VISA and Maestro



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism

Aldeia da Vilarinha

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  • João Pedro Cunha
    João Pedro CunhaOwner

    Surfing and the underwater life created the shortcut and the magic of the Vicentina Coast paved the rest of the way. This did the trick for João Pedro to exchange a house in Sintra for this blessed paradise, which exists today thanks to his thoughtful renovation.

BOOKING: 282 973 218

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João Pedro Cunha
 Monte da Vilarinha
Vilarinha • 8670-238 Bordeira
(+351) 282 973 218 / (+351) 919 169 448
 37º10’7.66”N /8º51’31.02”W
 Portuguese, English, French and Spanish

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3 Double Rooms • 4 T0 • 3 T1 • 1 T3
33 Pax (inc. Extra beds)
Open all year
Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 12:00
Minimum Stay: 2 nights at weekend and 7 nights in high season
From 77€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included

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  • Wi-fi
  • TV
  • Pets allowed
  • Swimming pool
  • Central heating
  • Barbecue
  • Laundry
  • Accessibility for the disabled
  • Meals
  • Kitchen and individual kitchenette
  • Breakfast
  • Bar
  • Table tennis
  • Bicycles
  • Playground
  • Library
  • Video library
  • Passengers and luggage transfers
  • Massages
  • Meditation technics (upon request)
  • Partnerships with local activity companies (e.g. surf, diving, recreational fishing)
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Thank you!

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