Restaurant / Odemira

A real Alentejo meal in a
town full of nooks and crannies


A family history of
4 decades of good cuisine

O Tarro

Located in the town of Odemira, nearby the river, the restaurant O Tarro is open throughout the year, and it is the perfect location to discover the flavours of Alentejo’s traditional cuisine. Open all year, here the locals and tourists who come here throughout the year can get together.


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restaurant, snack-bar and cake shop, with its large terrace, opened on the 1st January 1969. After more than 4 decades today it is one of the mainstays of this lovely town which is bounded by the Mira river.

Fish is always fresh from the coast nearby- the famous shark soup or sole with almond sauce are not to be missed. But if you're a meat lover, then O Tarro, with its wide variety of meat dishes, is the right place for you. Try the lamb stew, only rivaled by the lamb Tarro style, the meat “cataplana” or the scrumptious “Limousine” calf steak. The sweets, a family tradition, are still made according to António's mother's recipes. One cannot leave without tasting the honey pudding or the Alentejo pudding. As an alternative, and because O Tarro strives to satisfy all kinds of clients, you can always order a sandwich, a toasted sandwich, pizzas, salads and other vegetarian suggestions for a lighter meal, any time of the day.

After a good Alentejo style meal, Odemira is worth exploring . Start off with a walk along Mira river, just across the street. Then walk Odemira's steep streets, ask directions to the windmill and go to the top of its hill, where you can enjoy a great view of the town and its surrounding hills, the perfect image of a rural and hilly Alentejo. Make no mistake: you are right in the countryside, yet so close to the ocean! Don’t forget to visit Beatriz’s chocolate factory, Helena’s looms and the local dairies in happy toil.




Chicken small pies: 1,10€
Octopus salad: 6,00€

Alentejo pudding: 4,00€
Honey pudding: 3,50€

Lamb “O Tarro” style: 9,00€
Fish in the “Cataplana”: 13,50€

Red|White House Wine (Versátil) 0.75L: 5,80€
Red|White (Monte da Pesseguina): 14,50€

 Cash, VISA, Mastercard and debit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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  • António Manuel Camacho
    António Manuel CamachoOwner

    At the beginning of the century António returned home to take up the reins of the family business. Remodelled and extended, he solidified the business which sits on the banks of the river. Acquired by his father in the 80s, but which has been part of his family’s history since 1969, here he has created a brand for the whole town. Time flies and the business has continued at a pace.

    BOOKING: 283 322 161

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    António Manuel Camacho
     O Tarro
    Estrada da Circunvalação • 7630-130 Odemira
    (+351) 283 322 161 / 917 586 209
     37°35’55.64″N /8°38’43.17″W
      Portuguese and English

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    Regional food | Vegetarian food
    112 dining room 80 outdoor
    Lunch: until 23h (Summer) / until 24 hours (winter)
    Dinner: until 23h (summer) / until 24 hours (winter)
     Closed: Monday (except high season)
    Holidays: December 25th and May 1st
    Reservations accepted. Average price per person between 10 € and 18 €

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