Restaurant / Vila Nova de Milfontes

The secular heritage of the
wonderful Alentejo cuisine


Views across the river
and a few steps from the sea


With a view over the river and Vila Nova de Milfontes, with an authentic watchtower, right on the Furnas beach, where the River Mira spills into the Atlantic, this restaurant is a true oasis for the senses. Aptly named, this unique place is an oasis where time seems to stand still. The menu is a challenge as you will want to try it all.


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rom their salt water tank, you can choose your favourite shellfish: crab, King Size crab, spider crab or lobster directly from Sines or Portinho do Canal. Start your meal with an octopus or fish roe salad, fried shrimp or clams bulhão pato style. The fish is always fresh and caught in the area and the house specialities will simply delight you. The offer is quite varied: cataplana (the Portuguese version of the Chinese wok) for two, shellfish or monk fish with rice or the delicious shrimp açorda (fried bread and garlic dish). If you prefer meat, try the steak Oásis style, the black pork steaks, or the pork Alentejo style.

The river beach is only steps away from the esplanade; but if you opt for a dive in the ocean, all you have to do is walk along the sand dunes to the nearby ocean beaches. Vila Nova de Milfontes deserves a visit: enjoy the view of Oásis (where you just had lunch) from the riverfront avenue, walk up to the lighthouse or Portinho do Canal, in an area where the ocean and the river are the protagonists. Stay here until late afternoon to watch the beautiful sunset, an authentic postcard for the region.




Clams “bulhão pato” style (portion): 13,00€
Fried shrimp (300gr): 10,80€

Crunchy biscuit cake: 2,50€
Egg whites pie: 2,50 €

Seafood in the “Cataplana” for 2: 35,00€
Stone bass macaroni for 2: 24,00€

Sangria 1L (Red and White): 10,00€
Red wine (Serros da Mina): 12,50€

 Cash, VISA, Mastercard and debit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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Furnas - V. N. Milfontes

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  • Idálio Protásio
    Idálio ProtásioOwner

    Idálio and Manuela are the owners of the restaurant  with  plenty of experience in catering. The Oasis has been on Furnas for 20 years having been remodelled in 2005 into a building in which wood and stone are the predominant elements. You don’t mess with a  winning formula. As such the recipes have been  set in stone  since its opening, respecting the great flavours and  gastronomic heritage of the Alentejo with fresh regional produce.

    BOOKING: 283 998 020

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    Idálio Protásio
    Praia das Furnas – Vila Nova de Milfontes
    (+351) 283 998 020
     37°43’8.85″N /8°46’54.65″W
     Portuguese and English

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    Regional food
    64 dining room 40 outdoor
    Lunch: Summer: from 9:00 am | Winter: from 10:00
    Dinner: Summer: until 23:00 | Winter: until 22.00
     Closed: Thursday (except high season)
    Holidays: January until 6th of February
    Reservations accepted. Average price per person between 15 € and 25 €

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    Thank you!

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