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Amor y dedicación en un
proyecto con el alma,
el sabor y la identidad

Pão Café & Companhia

Those who pass by the main avenue of Vila Nova de Milfontes – a quiet village on the Alentejo Coast – will not be indifferent to the lovely window of Pão, Café & Companhia, which was decorated with loads of love and dedication by the owner and invites to a stop to taste one of the many delicious pastries, breads and snacks made daily.


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omemade cakes, sweets, warm bread, cookies, or toasted sandwiches, all made daily with love and dedication, are just part of what Pão, Café & Companhia has to offer and which, either early in the morning or during the afternoon, makes the wonders of those who pass by. This iconic establishment, bets on different and excellent products that, together with the decoration – thought to detail by Cristina Silva – and the full support of her mother to recover old recipes with the best Alentejo has to offer, makes this place one of the most popular places of Vila Nova de Milfontes, especially during summer.

As an innovative space, intimate and cosy, Pão, Café & Companhia combines a mixture of grocery, pastry and bakery shop, where guests can have breakfast, as well as, buy bread, fruit, milk, cereals and honey.

The tempting delicacies, especially the home made chocolate cake, or the traditional sweets and cakes based in family recipes, are perfect for all tastes and can be served with the famous cappuccino or a glass of fresh Orange juice. Here concerns are left outside and Alentejo’s flavours are present in all the treats prepared with loads of love!




Chicken Pie: 1,20€
Duck Pie:1,20€

Chocolate cake: 1,50€
‘Toucinho do céu’: 1,50€
Honey and walnuts cake: 1,50€

Alcôncoras: 1,20€
Cottage cheese cake: 1,00€
‘Rala’ bread: 15,00€/kilo

Sumo de laranja natural: 2,00€
Cappuccino: 1,40€

Cash, Debit Card, Cheque



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Culture and Heritage

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Bakery, Pastry & Grocery Shop

Vila Nova de Milfontes

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  • Cristina Silva
    Cristina SilvaOwner

    Born and raised in Vila Nova de Milfontes, Cristina Silva inaugurated Pão, Café & Companhia nearly two decades ago, after returning from Lisbon to give life to her university final coursework. With a lot of love, enthusiasm, dedication and ideas from inspirational trips, the concept developed is simple but very consistent: to offer the best of Alentejo and to recover old recipes in a cosy and comfortable space.

    BOOKING: 283 997 150

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    Cristina Silva
     Pão Café & Companhia
    Rua Custódio Brás Pacheco, S/N, 7645-251 Vila Nova de Milfontes
    (+351) 283 997 150
     37°43'39.5"N /8°46'42.0"W
     Portuguese, English and Spanish

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    Bakery, regional and conventual pastry, grocery store
    60 pax
    Opening Hours: 7H30-20H00
     Closes: Tuesday (except July, August and until the 15th of September)
    Holidays: 10th oj January until the 28th of February
    Accepts reservations

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    • Tradition

    • Flavours

    • Art

    • Sweets

    • Sympathy

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    Thank you!

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