Rural Tourism / Odemira

Rustic and sober
atmosphere wisely raised up


The supreme luxury of watching
and listening to Mother Nature

Quinta do Chocalhinho 

Quinta do Chocalhinho is a centenary property located near Odemira, with 10 double rooms and 5 suites, framed by a beautiful landscape.


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he furniture has been carefully chosen during several years in the East, and tastefully combined with the rural and sober environment of the house, that maintains its original traits, where schist walls, some “taipa” (lath and mud) walls and the old pavement make us relive other times. All with central heating and TV, the rooms are very comfortable, with central heating and the suites spacious, all providing one double room, living room with kitchenette and mezzanine bedroom with twin beds. The breakfast is composed of select regional and homemade products, which complemented by the biological kitchen-garden make this agro tourism a delight for its clients.

The house is totally surrounded by olive trees and cork oaks, and a stroll will transport you to the true essence of the Alentejo, amongst old watering tanks, wild boar trails and a wonderful view over the property. You may also enjoy the tennis court, the salt water swimming pool, the pool table in the common room, and a small playground for the children who can also delight in a donkey ride through the perennial vegetation.

Meals, when booked in advanced, accompanied by a good Alentejan wine list are also not to be missed. Besides you’re only 2 km away from Odemira, where you can find all the facilities you may need, 20 minutes from Vila Nova de Milfontes and its beaches and within walking distance to the starting point of two sections of theRota Vicentina.


Quinta do Chocalhinho Double Room Suite T1 +1
November to March
75€ 125€
From April to June and from 16th September till 31st October
85€ 145€
From 1st July till 15th September, holidays, Carnival, Easter, Christmas and New Year
110€ 165€

Rates are per room/suite and per night and can be changed anytime.
Daily rates with breakfast included. * Daily rates with no breakfast – 15€ reduction.
Minimum stay: 2 nights in July and weekends during the rest of the year, 3 nights from 1st August till 15th September – double rooms; 3
nights in July, 4 nights from 1st August till 15th September, and 2 nights during the rest of the year – suites.
Extra bed: 30€ (adult), 20€ (up to 12 years old), 10€ (cradle)
During the week, except for high season: special rates for businesses.

Cash and credit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism

Bemposta - Odemira

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  • Luís Freitas
    Luís FreitasOwner

    After a happy childhood in these parts and with a professional life spread throughout the world, Luís eventually followed his memories of his grandfather’s homestead to the outskirts of Odemira; rejecting the possibility of a boring retirement. Now, with total commitment and dedication and assisted by Margarida and Teresa – his wife and daughter – he occupies his days refining this amazing place, while creating bonds and friendships with the visitors who come through the door, as a way to continue his itinerancy.

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    Luis Mendonça Freitas
     Quinta do Chocalhinho
    Bemposta • 7630-028 Odemira
    (+351) 283 327 280 / (+351) 927 981 788
     37°35’50.01″N /8°37’10.96″W
     Portuguese, English, French, German, Cantonese and Spanish

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    10 Double Rooms • 5 T1 + 1 Suites
    45 Pax (inc. extra beds)
    Open all year
    Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: 1 night, with the exception of the special time (20 July to September 10)
    75€ per night for 2 pax breakfast included

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    • Wi-fi
    • TV Satelite
    • TV + Stereo (rádio, CD and iPOD/Mp3)
    • Salt water swimming pool (14 metres)
    • Central heating and fireplaces
    • Barbecue
    • Laundry (extra charged)

    • Meals upon previous request
    • Individual kitchenette in the 5 Suites T1+1|1 Bedroom Houses
    • Breakfast
    • Snacks in the swimming pool
    • Picnic

    • Tennis court
    • Pedal boats
    • Playground
    • Video library
    • Library
    • Biological vegetable garden
    • Farm animals

    • Passengers and luggage transfers
    • Massages
    • Basic bicycle support (including washing)
    • Workshops / Events
    • Local products (for sale)
    • Partnership with local activity companies (e.g. surf, diving, recreational fishing))

    • Room with 90 m2 e room with 55 m2
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    • Natureza

    • Reception

    • History

    • Comfort

    • East

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    Thank you!

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