Restaurant / Praia da Arrifana - Aljezur

A priviledged situation
above the Arrifana beach


The best flavours of the Alentejo
coast with a touch of summer

Restaurante da Praia 

This place links various factors which transform it into one of the gems of the region. The beach, the sea, the setting, the restaurant itself and of course the flavour of the food. It seems that it has taken the best part from each, offering the visitor in a natural way “all that they deserve”


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n a privileged location overlooking Arrifana beach, known for the cliffs which cradle it forming a bay of savage beauty, Restaurante da Praia has everything for you to savour the best of the Vicentina Coast regional flavours, inviting you to spend long days between the ocean and the pleasure of sitting down for a meal with sand still beneath your feet.

Among barnacles and the fried moray eel, the Monchique blood sausage, or the small pieces of toast with tomato and goat cheese, the appetizers are irresistible. For the main course, count on delicious fresh fish, fish with pasta or octopus rice, as well as the grilled top sirloin Brazilian style, one of the house specialities. For a lighter meal choose from a variety of cold salads and vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, crepes, toasted sandwiches and natural fruit juices.
Between the beach and the restaurant, take the opportunity to lay out on the terrace in pure relaxation. If you love surfing this is one of the ideal places in the region, to watch or take part. During the summer there are always party nights during the week, live music, a good selection of drinks and a real summer atmosphere where anything could happen. In this season the Arrifana Harmony Festival takes place, organized in partnership with various agents in the region who have this beautiful beach for their plan of action




Tuna steaks with sweet and sour crust: 12,50€
Traditional “sweated” octopus with sweet potatoes: 13,50€

Beach crepe with cottage cheese, honey and nuts: 8,80€
Açaí palm fruit with banana, granola and honey: 6,90€

Grilled/baked/au salt fish: 50,00€/kg
Grilled top sirloin Brazilian style for 2: 38,50€

Caipirinha: 7,50€
Sangria white/red: 14,00€

 Cash and debit cards



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Culture and Heritage

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Arrifana - Aljezur

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  • João Pedro Mendonça
    João Pedro MendonçaOwner

    A fisherman because of his love for the sea, João Pedro started the restaurant some 20 years ago and this experience has resulted in a varied and surprising menu suitable for all tastes.  It maintains a genuine interest in protecting and respecting the territory in which it is situated

    BOOKING: 282 998 527

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    João Pedro Mendonça
     Restaurante da Praia
    Praia da Arrifana, Cx. Postal 808-A • 8670-111 Aljezur
    (+351) 282 998 527, 917 936 795
     37°17’40.97″N /8°51’56.12″W
     Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

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    Regional, Internacional and Vegetarian food
    65 outdoors (covered)
    Lunch: 16 Sep to 31 May: from 10:30 am | Jun 1, 15 Sep: from 9:30 am
    Dinner: 16 Sep to 31 May: 20:00 until (after 20h only w / reserve) | Jun 1, 15 Sep until 22h30
     Closed: Open all week
    Holidays: November 15 to the Carnival
    Take-away service. Reservations accepted. Payment options - Cash, ATM or check

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    • Take-away
    • Free Internet
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    • Landscape

    • Sympathy

    • Quality

    • Tranquility

    • Harmony

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