Rural Tourism / Rogil - Aljezur

A break to live at the rhythm of
the countryside, the sea and nature


Atlantic welcoming in
a charming rich environment

Retiro do Mocho

Retiro do Mocho is a project located in the heart of Vicentina Coast, on Rogil seaside, near Aljezur, and offers accommodation in a charming retreat, close to the Atlantic ocean , in a coastal region of enormous environmental richness rarely found on European coastlines these days.


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he owners used part of their own house – where animals used to be kept – and turned it into a cosy independent apartment, where the harmony of the construction and decoration is present in every detail, through a project conceived by Ricardo, a professional architect.

With views over the ocean, the little house has all the conditions to host four people, providing a living room with kitchenette, a double room and a mezzanine space, open to the living room. The traditional walls built in “taipa” – a mixture of lath and mud -, the heated floor and the salamander stove in the living room, guarantee maximum comfort, and outside, in the private terrace you can have your meals, read and talk, or simply deliver yourself to the countryside rhythms, the sea and the nature. At night you can lose yourself in the stars and allow yourself to be lulled by the sounds of the ocean. The goal is truly to let yourself go, and give in to absolute rest in pleasure.

From the house it is easy to walk or use the bicycle to reach the nearest beaches, some of them only accessible by the fishermen’s trails. Rogil has some restaurants and commerce, but the offer is more interesting in Odeceixe or Aljezur, both around 8 km away.


Retiro do Mocho T1 +1
28th June till 6th September, 27th
December 2014 till 3rd January
1-4 people 100€

11th till 20th April 24th May till 28th June,
6th September till 4th October and holidays

>1-4 people 75€
Rest of the year
1 – 2 people
3 – 4 people


Rates are per night and can be changed anytime.
Self-catering breakfast included.
Minimum stay from 3 to 7 nights in high and mid seasons, and 2 nights in low season.
*Price for one night stays, only available for Rota Vicentina hikers.

Cash, cheque and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism

Rogil - Aljezur

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  • Ricardo Cruz
    Ricardo CruzOwner

    It all started with a conversation. The idea of the future, the idea of the House and, later, the idea of receiving guests. How it came into being is unknown, but it was done before they knew it. It was enough just to mention of the “big house” and its history for the project to go ahead, started by Ricardo – architect -author of the final design. Not forgetting the scribbles of his children, João and Joaquim, who were key in designing this “Owl Refugee” (Retiro do Mocho).

     Book Online

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    Ricardo Cruz
     Retiro do Mocho
    Lugar de Pêro Vicente - Caixa Postal 414 L • 8670-440 Rogil
    (+351) 282 998 697 / (+351) 965 524 164
     37°23’8.99″N /8°48’49.14″W
     Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

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    1 T1+1
    4 Pax (inc. Extra beds)
    Open all year
    Check-in: 16:30 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: 2 nights oin low season and 3 nights in high season
    From 50€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included (self-catering)

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    • Wi-fi
    • Stereo (rádio, CD and DVD)
    • Pets allowed
    • Central heating
    • Barbecue
    • Laundry
    • Partial accessibility for the disabled

    • Individual kitchenette
    • Local products included in breakfast (bread, honey, fruit jam, etc)

    • Bicycle
    • Hiking
    • Nearby beach – 15 to 45 minutes walking

    • Passengers and luggage transfers


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    • Quiet

    • Nature

    • Hideaway

    • Sea

    • authenticity

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    Thank you!

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