Tapas-Bar Restaurant / Vila Nova de Milfontes

A warm cosmopolitan atmosphere
with flavours from around the world


Ritual of contagious savours
to live with time and quitly


On the heart of Vila Nova de Milfontes, a few steps from the beach and the promenade that goes along the river, you find the Ritual - Tapas Bar Restaurant where the tranquility of the Alentejo coast merges with a refined and cosmopolitan environment, steeped with stories and the experience of many trips and other cuisines. Now with a new management.


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he kitchen is from the world and the recipes have authorship signature, using local products of high quality. Here, in addition to a selected refined menu with hints of distant places, you can enjoy good sounds with a regular schedule of musical events.

But the Ritual starts with the tidbits such as the Black Pork Chorizo roasted with brandy or the Tuna Muxama with Fruit and Parmesan. For main course, try the Salmon Tataki with vegetable Chop Suey, the tasty Prawns, Mango and Chilli Curry or you can try the pastas that brings an Italian touch to the menu, with the very special Clams and Shrimp Linguini Nero. The Ritual offers also several vegan and vegetarian options and has the best burgers in Milfontes, made with fresh meat and served on the plate, with corn flour bread, fries, lettuce, tomato and onions from the garden.

The "Sangrias", the cocktails, the natural juices, as well as the wine by the glass, are the ideal company to enjoy the sun terrace. In addition, the yellow earth tones, the wood and terra cotta add a relaxed atmosphere where the know how is combined with a contagious sympathy and joy, because the ritual is to live and this is the place to be at ease before strolling through Milfontes or to enjoy after a soothing day on the beautiful beaches of the region.




Spicy sausage croquettes: 7€
Salmon Tartare: 11€

Chocolate Cake with Ice-cream: 5€

Shrimp Curry with Mango & Chili: 15€
Salmon Tataki with a vegetable Chop-suey: 17€

Glass of wine (more than 15 options)
Sparkling Sangria with Red Fruits: 16€/litre

Money, Debit card, VISA e Mastercard



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Culture and Heritage

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Vila Nova de Milfontes

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  • Patrícia Pires da Silva<br>and Luís Matos Lima
    Patrícia Pires da Silva
    and Luís Matos Lima

    Patricia and Louis first met in Sagres, each with their own restaurant, in 2008. From the gastronomic interest sharing was born a greater relationship and when both moved to Pedralva in 2011, a little further north, their ties were already crossed. But independently was in the air. The opportunity came three years later and they didn’t think twice taking the Ritual restaurant in their hands, with all the splendour and joy, embracing this new village with their thousand sources of culinary knowledge.

BOOK TABLE: 914 440 404

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Patrícia Pires da Silva and Luís Matos Lima
Rua Barbosa Viana, 4
7645-230 Vila Nova de Milfontes
(+351) 283 998 648, (+351) 914 440 404, (+351) 917 972 242
 37°43’23.49″N /8°46’56.52″W
 Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

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Internacional and Vegetariana Food
50 interior | 16 outside
Lunch: September to May: reservation only | June to August: from 12pm
Dinner: From 6pm till 11pm | June to August: till 12pm
Closed: Sunday
Holidays: From January, 1 to March, 15
Takeaway service. Accept reservations. Average price from 15€ to 30€

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Thank you!

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