Surf school / Vila Nova de Milfontes

Surf and bodyboard on the
beaches of Furnas and Malhão


Friendly atmosphere and
true surfing spirit


Surfmilfontes is the right place for those who choose Alentejo Coast and Milfontes area as a holiday destination and seek to take full advantage of the area’s waves and surf. Here the spirit of surfing is alive and applied as a philosophy of life Surf is "that scene" and the younger ones are the ones who most enjoy it.


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lasses invariably start on the sand, with an introduction to the basics of safety and technique. In the water, it passes from theory to practice, under the watchful eye of monitors who will help you to evolve gradually and safely. This is an activity that can involve the entire family. " A Cool Scene" watching parents and children side by side on top of the boards, taking advantage of the best waves in the region, in the certainty of being in a friendly atmosphere and true surfing spirit

Surf classes are held at Malhão and Furnas beaches, under the guidance of experienced teachers, certified by the Portuguese Surfing Federation. The format is adapted to your experience and needs, with 5 day long courses or just day classes. If surfing is not the only activity that will make you come out and enjoy nature, you can always try mountain bike rides and canoeing on the Mira river. Through Sudaventura, Surfmilfontes offers you the possibility of renting bicycles, canoes, wetsuits and surfboards so you can make the most of your vacation.

Vila Nova de Milfontes needs no introduction. Located in the heart of SW Alentejo and Vicentina Coast Natural Park and surrounded by unsurpassed beautiful landscapes, it offers a wide array of night life and leisure activities, as well as excellent restaurants and accommodations for a truly unforgettable vacation.


Surf and Body board +/- 2h30m 5 classes
RENTAL Surf Board 20€/day • (+)5€/(Wetsuit)

* 1 VAT included as well as insurance all necessary equipment and transport to the beach from Milfontes

Activities  Price
CANOEING 1 River Mira – V.N. Milfontes* 30€
MOUNTAIN BIKE RIDES 2 ** (prices on request)

Reference prices and subject to change without notice
VAT included
* Canoe tour in a 2-seater with monitor. Medium and high seasons – minimum 8 pax;
Low season – minimum 4 pax. Other circuits on request.
** Includes equipment and guide. Prices on request.

Kayak Rentals 1 day
SIT-ON-TOP 1-seater 30€*
SIT-ON-TOP 2-seaters 40€*

VAT included. Includes life jackets and paddles.
* From 10AM to 7PM. More days, price on request..


Bicycle Rentals 1 hour 1 day 1 day
ADULT BICYCLE * 3€ 12€ 15€
CHILDREN BICYCLE * 2,5€ 9€ 12€
TANDEM 5€ 20€ 25€
BABY SEAT 1€ 4€ 5€
ECO PACK (bicycle +rack +surf board) 30€ 35€

VAT included as well as a lock, a key and helmet.

 Cash, debit cards and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Escola de Surf

Vila Nova de Milfontes

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  • Filipe Queimada<br>and Pedro Piteira
    Filipe Queimada
    and Pedro Piteira

    Filipe and Pedro grew up in Milfontes and guarantee that they wouldn’t have chosen any other job in the world. With a fundamental contribution to the development of the sport at the local level, the Surfmilfontes school, also offers a quality service adapted to all ages and levels of preparation.

    BOOKING: 914 732 652

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    Filipe Queimada and Pedro Piteira
    Rua Custódio Brás Pacheco Nº38 A, Vila Nova de Milfontes
    (+351) 914 732 652, 969 483 334
     37°43’37.19″N /8°46’52.63″W
     Portuguese, English, Spanish and French

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    Aulas – 2 pax | Passeios – 4 pax
    Surf Classes
    Vila Nova de Milfontes
    All the year
    Reservations accepted. Average Price Between 15 € and 25 €

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    • Surf classes
    • Wet suits & board rentals
    • Stand up paddle
    • Canoeing
    • Kayak rentals
    • Mountain bike rides
    • Bicycle rentals
    • Available transfers
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    Thank you!

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