Restaurant / Vila Nova de Milfontes

Subtle gastronomy which
lives with dynamism and art


One of the attractions
of the whole Alentejo

Tasca do Celso

Tasco do Celso is already an institution, not only in Vila Nova de Milfontes but also throughout the Alentejo. We are talking about a concept where the gastronomy lives with dynamism and with an art which is in constant exultation. Where one can discover the true tradition flavours. Always accompanied by a good wine, served as the rule dictates, or the imbibing of something stronger. Daily, with wisdom it writes a chapter in the great compendium of the hostelry of this lively town.


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he concept is simple but sophisticated: great food, a great wine selection, an electrifying dynamism and a constant desire to surprise his clients. And so it is with the menu: there is always something new to taste as well as the irresistible delicacies such as Clams Celso’s style, linguiça with scrambled eggs (linguiça is one of many types of Portuguese pork sausage), different types of salads and shrimp. Afterwards, you will have to choose from a varied menu that always includes Celso’s legendary suggestions: steak a la plancha, roasted baby goat or “shrimp açorda” (a Portuguese traditional recipe), besides the always fresh fish from our shore. If you have ever heard of Sericaia then this is the right place to try it and leave wanting more. In this way it promotes the local products and recipes, with dishes that are hard to resist.

In this restaurant music and art are combined, with live concerts and exhibitions. It is the heartbeat of the village and its numerous attractions are the reason that it is one of the most sought after places on the Alentejo coast. Beaches, rivers, commerce and night life, there are no end of reasons to pay a visit to this old fishing village.




Scrambled eggs with asparagus: 8,50€
Blue mussels with tomato sauce: 10,00€

Traditional “Sericaia”: 4,00€
Chocolate cake: 4,00€

Turbot and rice and beans: 25,00€
Cataplana of black pork with clams for 2: 27,00€

Red|White (House wine 0,75l): 9,50€/7,50€
Red|White (Cortes de Cima): 22,00€/14,50€

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Culture and Heritage

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Vila Nova de Milfontes

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  • José Ramos Cardoso
    José Ramos CardosoOwner| 'Chef'

    José wanted to pay homage to his father when baptising the restaurant, more than 10 years ago, in the same street where he has lived with his family since the 70s. The name passed from the father to the son and now it is with happiness that he also answers to the name Celso. From the small house that always appealed to the eye and with business prospering, the business was extended creating a room for big groups and his much sought after wine bar. He is driven by the opportunity to give his visitors the chance to learn about and taste the local gastronomy, in a building which does not lack creativity and experimentalism

    BOOKING: 283 996 753

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    José Ramos Cardoso
     Tasca do Celso
    Rua dos Aviadores • 7645-225 Vila Nova de Milfontes
    (+351) 283 996 753 / (+351) 968 175 726
     37°43’27.84″N /8°47’0.24″W
     Portuguese and English

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    Regional food
    90 dining room
    Lunch: 12:00
    Dinner: untill 3:00
     Closed: Monday (except high season)
    Holidays: Between Christmas and New Year
    Take-away Reservations accepted. Average price per person from 20€ to 30€

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    • Tradition

    • Wines

    • At village

    • Art

    • Space

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    Thank you!

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