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Restaurant / São Torpes - Sines

The fish and the stunning
views do the honours


Extensive and varied menu
and good wine list

Trinca Espinhas

Trinca Espinhas is a very charming restaurant located in S. Torpes beach, right by the ocean. Its menu is irresistible especially for those who love fish, an excellent meal and a fantastic wine cellar. It is the ideal place to enjoy an excellent meal right by the ocean.


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restaurant of traditional cuisine with modern decoration linked to the sea, but where one can still feel close to the more urban side of Sines.

The menu is extensive. which makes the choice even more difficult. The hot and cold appetizers capture your attention and you will have to choose between padron peppers, octopus salad and scrambled eggs with asparagus or "farinheira" (one of the many types of Portuguese pork sausage). Here, the fish is king! Besides the grilled fish coming directly from the harbour of Sines, one can also enjoy monkfish or other types of fish and shellfish with rice or pasta. The meat dishes are also very tempting. Try the sirloin steak with several sauces or the jewel of the crown of the meat section: the black pork tenderloin with poppy seeds.

The pleasant atmosphere enjoyed here, whether in the dining room or the esplanade makes it difficult to leave and the ocean, only a few meters away, is always tempting. Besides S. Torpes, visit Porto Covo and its beaches.




Octopus Salad: 6,00€
Mussels Vinaigrette: 3,50€

Trinca Espinhas orange soufflé: 3,00€
Cheesecake with wild berries sauce: 3,00€

Raia with garlic sauce and boiled sweet potatoes: 12,00€
Trinca Espinhas sea food mixed dish for 2: 32,00€

White (Conde de Ervideira Reserva): 16,50€
Tinto (Ponte das Canas): 27,00€

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Culture and Heritage

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São Torpes - Sines

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  • Luís Magalhães
    Luís MagalhãesOwner| 'Chef'

    Luís Magalhães started this Project almost two decades ago with his partners Teresa and João Machado, after coveting the old tavern that was situated there and which he watched grow from a tender age. With much inspiration and ideas from previous travels the concept developed is simple but consistent: good food in pleasant surroundings both on the sunny days of summer and the more cloudy days of winter.

    BOOKING: 269 636 379

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    Luís Magalhães
     Trinca Espinhas
    S. Torpes – Sines
    (+351) 269 636 379
     37°55’30.89”N /8°48’23.21”W
     Portuguese, English and French

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    Regional and Vegetarian Food
    40 dining room 36 outdoor
    Lunch: 12:30-14:30
    Dinner: 19:00-22:30
     Closed: Thursday
    Holidays: Winter (restricted shedule)
    Reservations accepted. Average price per person from 16€ to 25€

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      • Paisagem

      • Art

      • Esplanade

      • Sympathy

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