Rural Tourism / Cercal do Alentejo

Charisma and affection,
a art piece sculpted by two


Unwind amid the countryside
the sea and the cuisine flavours


Verdemar is a special country retreat, hidden away among stands of cork oaks in Casas Novas, 7 km from Cercal. It offers 7 rooms, with all the conditions for a well deserved relaxed rest to enjoy the country side, the beautiful beaches of the area and the flavours from chef Nuno's familiar kitchen, where “as you wish” are the watch words and the art of being a good host is a "must".


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ll rooms are independent with en-suite bathroom and entrance to the garden, a spacious outdoor area with a lawn, biologic al vegetable garden, fruit and olive trees, where you can pass the time of day in the pool, with a book from the library or playing table tennis or table football.

The site occupied by a former Tavern – which retains some of the original features - gave way to the living room with books, music, bar, and an open kitchen, where you can sample some recipes, prepared at the experienced hand of the owner, which will give you an unforgettable dining experience, both on those hot summer days, and the days on which to be warmed by the fireplace during the winter.

If you prefer to explore the area, you can do it by walking, bicycle or by taking a ride in a convertible 1979 Land Rover. There are also marked trekking trails through rice fields, moors and cork tree forests where you can watch the area’s plants and birds. On these occasions you can use homemade guides- a special touch of the Verdemar- as a cultural itinerary of the region.


DR: Double Room | S: Suite | DS: Double Suite

Verdemar DR S DS
January to March, November and December
75€ 80€ 130€
April to June and from 15th de September to October
80€ 85€ 150€
From July to 15th September, holidays, Carnival , Easter, Christmas and New Year
90€ 100€ 170€

Rates are per room and per night and can be changed anytime.
Daily rates with breakfast included.
Minimum stay of 3 nights during July and August.
*From November to February, open only for groups.
Gourmet Dinner: 25€ p.p. Junior dinner: 5€-15€ p.p.
Extra bed: 25€ (adult), 15€ (up to 12 years old), 5€ (cradle).

Cash and money transfer



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Culture and Heritage

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Rural Tourism

Cercal do Alentejo

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  • Christine Nijhoff<br> and Nuno Vilas Boas
    Christine Nijhoff
    and Nuno Vilas Boas

    The Verdemar was born almost 30 years ago, when Nuno swapped his restaurant in Amsterdam for the makeshift kitchen in a rustic tavern that he had bought in a village near Cercal. With Christine, his better half, a specialist in restoration, they have celebrated a life devoted to artistic skills creating a place full of charisma and affection, like a piece of art sculpted by the two.

    BOOKING: 269 904 544

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    Nuno Vilas Boas e Christine Nijhoff
    Casas Novas, Caixa Postal 1223 7555-026 Cercal do Alentejo
    (+351) 269 904 544, (+351) 914 583 067
     37º48’44.45”N /8º35’32.86”W
     Portuguese, English, Dutch, Spanish, German and French

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    2 Double Rooms • 5 Suites • 1 Double Suite
    14 Pax (inc. extra beds)
    Open from February to November 1
    Check-in: 14:00 Check-out: 12:00
    Minimum Stay: July and August min. 3 nights
    From 75€/night for 2 pax with breakfast included

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    • Satellite TV/DVD/ CD/ and radio in the common room
    • Pets allowed upon previous request (except in hign season)
    • Swimming pool
    • AC heating in rooms
    • Fireplace in common room
    • LaundryMeals

    • Meals
    • Breakfast
    • Picnic

    • Playground
    • Soccer field
    • Table tennis
    • Table football
    • Library
    • Biological vegetable garden

    • Passengers and luggage transfers
    • Alentejo mini-safari
    • Bicycle rental
    • Bicycle wash


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    Thank you!

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