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asas Brancas welcomes with great satisfaction the accommodations, restaurants and activities of this region that identify with its principles and objectives, and fulfill the following requirements.

This Association aims at joining the quality tourism offerings in Alentejo and Vicentina (West of the Algarve) Coasts, in integrated and articulated select offering, which gives the visitor the privilege of getting in touch with the identity of the SW region. Besides guaranteeing high quality standards, we intend to represent establishments with charisma, charm and personality, playing the owner’s’ attitude a fundamental role.

As the concepts above mentioned are subjective, we highlight some characteristics that must be present in the accommodations willing to become a member of Casas Brancas. In general they must represent an added value to the offer already existent in Casas Brancas, namely:

– Be located in a location with few Casas Brancas associates.
– Have quality tourist services, namely: tourist entertainment, homemade meals, etc.
– Have a quality and beautiful architecture or landscape, whether it is traditional buildings recuperation or refurbishment, or new buildings.
– Value and use good environmental practices, no what respects building techniques, used materials, waste recycling, energy saving systems, etc.
– Offer a personalized and familiar service.
– Form a close relationship with the cultural and local patrimony, taking on the role of  vehicle for sharing the values of the region.

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