Here you can find the answer to the most frequently asked questions about Casas Brancas
How is the quality of the Casas Brancas members guaranteed?

Candidates to enter Casas Brancas are evaluated based on the Quality Charter applied to accommodation, restaurants and activities. After the project joins the Association, the Casas Brancas Quality Control Commission guarantees the future fulfillment of that letter, through periodic visits and analysis of customer comments.

I was not well attended, what should I do?

In addition to the normal legal tools for more serious cases, such as the establishment’s complaints book or DECO’s services, Casas Brancas would like to thank us for sharing their experience, which will be analyzed by the Board and the Quality Control Commission.

Are the prices shown per night or per person?

The prices shown are per night and per house, or room with breakfast, so the number of people included in the price depends on the capacity of the house or room. In some cases, an extra bed fee applies.

Do prices include breakfast?

Not all prices include breakfast, as in many cases, the houses have a kitchen, where you can prepare your meals. Generally, room rental presupposes breakfast service, but in such cases this information is always indicated with the price.

Can I take my pet?

Although all the houses wish to do so, not all of them have the necessary conditions for their most convenient reception. We suggest that you enter our advanced search and look for this criterion.

I’m from Porto and I’m going to be late, until what time can I enter the house?

The operating rules are defined by each house, so you should contact your owners for further clarification. However, and only for omitted questions, you should consult the General Conditions of operation of the houses.

The site doesn’t have the information I need, where can I get more information?

For more information on accommodation, restaurants and activities, you should contact the owners directly; for clarifications on the Association, please contact the Casas Brancas Directorate.

I don’t know which house is best for my situation, can you give me some advice?

On this site we try to gather all the information that we think is relevant in your choice, and we have some tools that can help you, such as the search by criteria, the map of location or the summary of all houses, restaurants and activities, in addition to a detailed description of each accommodation, restaurant and activity, its characteristics, additional services, available activities, prices, photos and contacts. We suggest that you browse our website and you will most likely find the answer you are looking for. Otherwise, you can get in direct contact with the owners of the houses, restaurants and activities, who will be at your disposal to assist you.

I have a house to rent, how can I join the Association?

Having a beautiful home for rent may not be enough to join the Association. There are several basic criteria, in addition to those provided for in the Quality Charter, such as:

• Privileged space and surroundings (architecture, decoration, exterior arrangements, views, etc.);
• Family-oriented (small size, personalized service);
• All buildings with a municipal license;
• Licensed tourist activity.

We recommend a careful reading of the tabs Who We Are and Join the Association.

You can fill in the accommodation registration form and forward it to the Association, or contact the Casas Brancas Directorate directly, sending us your message and contacts.

How much would it cost me to include my restaurant on your website?

The Casas Brancas website is just another tool that the association has to serve the interests of members and their customers.

Entering the site is the result of a process of mutual knowledge and commitment to the rules and objectives of the Association, which counts on all members for its affirmation and development.

Combined with the interest of the members and the Association, the defense of the region arises, in the sense of its sustained development and preservation of its culture, biodiversity, landscape and identity.
The rules of the Association are set out in its Statutes and Internal Regulations, and the Jewels and Quotas are fixed by the General Meeting, depending on various factors, such as the nature and size of the undertaking, and may undergo changes as determined by that.

If you are interested in joining Casas Brancas or want more information, see the Who We Are tab, and you can also contact the Management or send us the restaurant membership application form.

I am implementing a Rural Tourism project in your area, how can I count on your support?

At this time, the Association is only open to projects with the duly licensed buildings and the activity licensing process completed, or in the process of being concluded. It means that we do not provide technical support in the design of projects, but we are available to exchange some impressions in the interest of tourism in the region.

You can contact the Board by sending us your message and contacts.

For financing issues, we suggest that you contact IAPMEI, or Turismo de Portugal, both nationally and, at the local level, the Development Association of the Alentejo Coast, for the Alentejo Coast, or the Vicentina Association, for the Costa Vicentina, as well as the Entrepreneur Support Office of the respective Municipality.

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